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Not again!

This was received from a friend of mine's LJ so don't comment in asking "Don't you have a Mac?" Yes, I feel like being nice today.

In the gosh I wish I had a mac at work category, a new email virus is flooding our mail system. Worm.SCO.A has now sent 12 infected emails to my inbox in the last hour and a half.

I'm now getting messages from outside companies saying they filtered out attachments from mails that were apparently from me (the virus spoofs the sending address). I don't actually send mail outside of my company from my work account.

If you have a windoze box, you might want to be cautious of your email right now - extra so - and suspicious - again, extra so - of unexpected attachments. Thus far they seem to be .exe, .pif, .zip files. Woo.
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